Lindsay Joanne Lockhart ◦ August 17, 1982 (34) ◦ resides: Boston, MA ◦ comicverse: Lois Lane


"Be a good soldier, Linds. Eyes on the horizon and never let them see you sweat." Speaking to his children like they were one of his cadets was the only way that Sameul Lockhart knew how to show his affection. It wasn't an easy task: raising two children, one on the cusp of middle school and the other trailing behind about to begin school, without the help of a partner, but none of the Lockharts had much say when it came to Eleanor Lockhart leaving them. Sam and Elle had been together for a number of years after that fateful evening in a bar in downtown Anapolis. A young Ensign, Sam had high hopes of climbing the ranks, while Elle was happy to be at his side. They welcomed their first child, Lindsay Joanne, in 1982, just as Sam had made Leiutenant and everything seemed fine. Elle spent her time with their daughter while Sam continued to work. Not spending much time at home, he missed the subtle signs that something wasn' alright with Elle. Later on, after years of wondering why she just packed up and left one day, they'd come to find that she suffered (mostly in silence) from postpartum depression. It began with Linsday but truly manifested after Lyra had been born. Home with both girl, going through the motions, Elle found that she wasn't okay with being the only parent. So, she packed her things, left no note, and decided to allow the burden to fall onto Sam.

CV Tie-Ins:
Share the same initials - LJL, as well as a middle name, Joanne
Both are the daughter of a high ranking military service member
Both the oldest of two daughters
Lindsay & Lois both have Type A, ENFJ personalities
They share a birthday, August 17th.

Locked Abilities/Powers/Items:
Hand to hand combat
Memories of Superman
Memories of Lois Lane
Memories of Powers - IE: Divine Empowerment
The Daily Planet

Unlocked Abilities/Powers/Items:

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