Hell Hath no Fury....

Lois Lane awoke on Friday filled with rage. The week thus far had all been something that she couldn't even properly explain out loud, and when she put pen to paper (or fingers to keys, as was her style) she was unable to find the words express it. Initially meeting Lindsay had been a shock to the system, she believed that she was going crazy. But then there was Kara. Sweet, dependable, life saving Kara, who had reached out to her. She filled in some blanks, Simon Baz had filled in others. Still none of it made sense, but the two strong willed women sharing the same headspace seemed to come to terms with one another and made an effort to work together. Lindsay took a backseat, allowing Lois to attempt to flex her investigative journalism skills, only to find that she, too, was a little rusty. But it would all get better with time, that was the word on the street, at least.

With little to go on more than the passing word and a quick rundown of what was going on, Lois did what she could to keep up Lindsay's life. Going to work, walking her dogs, effortlessly going through the motions. Kara kept questioning her safety. In truth, she had wanted to tell the young woman not to worry about her, that she was fine. After all, nothing too crazy had been happening...That was until she found herself stranded atop a billboard for hours on Thursday, combating the oncoming chill and the laissez-faire attitude that not only the authorities had given, but also her colleagues. She was confused, unable to figure out just how she had found herself in the predicament, but she was also upset that it had taken so long for someone to assist her. The assistance had come from across the country. What the actual hell.

By Friday, calm upset had boiled over into rage. Who the hell gets stranded on a billboard and is offered no help in sight? Moreover, who the hell did Simon Baz think he was? She'd have words with him, trust. But there were bigger fishes to gut. Lindsay could do nothing to stop her counterpart from her actions. In fact, the rage had even managed to drown out her pleas for Lois to 'calm down'. In fact, that infuriated Lois even more. No, she would not calm down. No, she would not stand idly by and let people get away with essentially screwing her over.

She was heard before she was even seen. The heels of the boots she had snagged out of the meticulously kept closet and pulled on hit the tile with a sharp, clipped 'click' as she strode across the studio floor. They were midway through a broadcast but she didn't give a damn. She had pulled the door open and paraded across, shooting scatching looks at anyone who dared to shush her mid-stride. She caught the face of the anchor behind the desk and with a quick flip of her hair, failed to acknowledge his look of confusion and general frustration over having been interrupted mid-broadcast. Out the other door across the way, she didn't even try to close it quickly, it shut with a swift, loud thud. Her fight wasn't with the crew or even the afternoon anchorman. No, it was with someone else entirely.

Peter Whyte looked up from his computer screen, eyes narrowing as the woman he knew as Lindsay Lockhart breezed by his assistant's desk and ignored the young woman's warning that she just couldn't walk in there without an appointment. Pausing mid-stride, she turned her withering gaze onto the young girl. Surprised by the mirth behind the woman's eyes, she backed down without another word, allowing her access to the door. Peter opened his mouth to say something but Lois lifted her hand. "You don't get to talk." She started, her other hand falling onto her hip. "You don't get to say shit to me after the stunt you pulled yesterday." While livid, she managed to keep her voice at a tone that only the two of them could hear. That was, until, she walked in and slammed the door behind her. "You left me on a billboard for four hours. You made absolutely no attempt to help me."

"Now, Lin, let's calm down and have a rational...."

"Don't you dare 'hey Lin' me, like I'm a petulant child that you're trying to appease." she cut him off, coming closer in order to tower over him as he stayed seated in his chair. "I am not a child, I am not a prop for you to get ratings, I am a goddamn professional and you left me literally out in the cold even after I called for help."

"We thought it was a bit"

She gave a roll of her eyes. "Oh, that's what you thought it was? A bit? This isn't a morning radio show, Peter! We don't need gimmicks in order to get ratings!" No longer was her voice quiet. Instead, it echoed off the walls and he even winced when it hit a certain pitch on the word 'ratings'.

"Listen, doll."

There was a low, dark chuckle that erupted at the use of the nickname. Once again, her hand came up to pause him. "What you're not going to do is call me 'doll' right now. You will address me by my name, and you will apologize for royally fucking up yesterday. I could drag your ass to court for what you did. I called and pleaded to be helped, and you reassured me that help was on the way. Spoiler alart!" She paused for emphasis then hissed out, "It never came. I record everything Peter, I'm a journalist, it's what I do. So, if your happy ass doesn't want to be sued, I want an on-air apology for your fuck up."

In truth, she wasn't even sure that Lindsay's phone was capable of that kind of recording, but she had uttered it with enough conviction that it made Peter go pale. She waited for him to call her bluff but he didn't and for that, she was grateful. After all, the phone in question was now face down on the pavement below the billboard in question, shattered and ceasing to work after having slipped out of her hands while making frantic phone calls the day before. His silence spoke volumes and Lois couldn't help it, she smiled in her rage. "Good, I'm glad I got your attention. I want it on-air tonight, I want it to be sincere and I want some kind of compensation from this"

The older gentleman shifted in his seat, "Now Lin...dsay. I'm not sure about this compen..."

"Oh, I'm sorry, did you think that was optional?" Another short laugh was cut quickly. "I think you fail to see how I own your ass right now. Between the recording, not to mention the other countless indescretions I've let slip by over the years? I could be your boss right now. One call to Human Resources and this could cease to be yours." When he didn't attempt to counter her, she lifted her head triumphantly. "Now, you go ahead and start drafting an apology. I'd like to read it before that old windbag of a head correspondant delivers it on camera."

Before he could recover, Lois was turning on her heel and heading toward the door, pulling it open with force and letting it slam into the wall. "Oh, and Peter?" she threw a look over her shoulder at him, "Make sure he's able to convey to necessary and expected remorse. I'll be watching, dolll." Feeling as if he poin had been made, she was out the door once again, leaving the echoes of her heels and the whispers of the interns in her wake.